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At the end of the song, the screen pulls back to reveal that it is part of the space debris floating near Wheatley.For the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, both "Want You Gone" and "Exile Vilify" were nominated for "Best Song in a Game", while the soundtrack was nominated for "Best Original Score".
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A mini-comic, "Turret Lullaby", is also included.The Final Hours of Portal 2. His version can be heard on his album, Artificial Heart.In addition to its inclusion in the Portal 2 soundtrack, a version of "Want You Gone" as sung by Coulton appears on his 2011 album Artificial Heart. Fräulein Paula und die Schönheit der Frauen Also available as iPad or Steam application.The lyrics allude to the plot of Portal 2. One video featured a sock puppet that "had nothing to do with Portal" but "managed to beautifully capture the spirit of the song", while the other provided an animated retelling of the Lab Rat comic.