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Wives and Daughters

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Although these political rivalries and strongly held prejudices on class were later relaxed towards the end of the story, it was disturbing to read the amount of discrimination that prevailed in the early 19th century British society.As for the scenery and costumes, perfection.This is quite an endearing, touching novel and even though it was quite long, I think that I could have read another 700 pages of it.
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Instead, Gaskell seems to have a good deal of sympathy for characters like Cynthia, who would have been treated very severely by authors like Trollop or Bradden, and quietly pokes fun at the sexist, classist, xenophobic notions of her main characters.In fact, just about all the major characters presented are subtly drawn, imbued with both good and bad traits. And family relations are at the root of the story.Keep reading to find out. Bayern-ABC I had a really hard time getting into it. While Roger falls in love with beautiful Cynthia, Molly repines for the lost attention, not truly understanding that she harbours a love so deep for Roger.They feel genuine, not like the caricatures or archetypes one sometimes finds in other Victorian period novels.

The future development of these two goodhearted characters was unfortunately interrupted by the untimely demise of the author.She missed a lot of her basketball season because of a broken leg, so was very looking forward to track. To be able to be married on that day felt really big.Let "A Note on the Text" from the last pages of the (35 page!!! Fiction River Presents: Writers Without Borders As a reader you enjoy spending time with these people and sharing their experiences in this small, provincial world. Gaskell died just before completing the book.In fact, they had to much time to think only of themselves.