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Unlike other objects in the sky which rise and set, an object in a geostationary orbit appears motionless in the sky, apparently defying gravity.Astronaut Clayton Anderson as a large drop of water floats in front of him on the Discovery.
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An Bord des Airbus A310 Zero G in der Schwerelosigkeit fliegen

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Rather, objects tend to follow geodesic paths in curved space-time, and this is "explained" as a force, by "Newtonian" observers who assume that space-time is "flat," and thus do not have a reason for curved paths (i.Without subscripts, one ends up with the odd-sounding conclusion that a body is weightless when the only force acting on it is its weight. Humans experience their own body weight as a result of this supporting force, which results in a normal force applied to a person by the surface of a supporting object, on which the person is standing or sitting. Die Pestheilerin In Newtonian physics, the sensation of weightlessness experienced by astronauts is not the result of there being zero gravitational acceleration (as seen from the Earth), but of there being no g-force that an astronaut can feel because of the free-fall condition, and also there being zero difference between the acceleration of the spacecraft and the acceleration of the astronaut.The most common problem experienced by humans in the initial hours of weightlessness is known as space adaptation syndrome or SAS, commonly referred to as space sickness. Die Sitzschnellverstellung erlaubt eine Nutzung durch mehrere Sportler.