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Trading In Danger

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Realizing that Turek must have more ships to take and hold more systems, Kylara and her team eventually discover that someone has ordered a great many large warships from the shipyards at Moray.The rest of the characters are essentially props in her adventure.Use the money to either make needed repairs to the ship, or, at least, keep the ship running long enough to make those repairs.
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Somewhere fairly early on, pre-13 years old, Ky decided she was going to go into the military. I even found myself wondering if her expulsion, which seems unduly harsh, might have been engineered for just that purpose.For Ky, its no contest: Even running the prestigious Vatta Transport Ltd. All My Sins Remembered Frustrating to get off the spatula, out of the bowl then into the pans. That punishment was way more severe than necessary, but the scene does serve to show us that Ky is a good-natured person who truly wants to help people whenever possible.I loved watching her grow during the course of the book.