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Im Licht der Sterne

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I read Dance Upon the Air last August.Now I know better than to give this anything more than 1 star and aggressively tap my Kindle until it is deleted.But this book was disappointing.
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Im Licht der Sterne: Amazon.de: Roberts, Nora, Klein

Warum leuchten Sterne? - einfach erklärt

I listened to the Audible Audiobook read by Sandra Burr.Just remember that it was written before cell phones, etc. For the most part, I liked Ripley, whose book I am anxious to read.The pretty, but scared Nell flees from an abusive relationship and settles on a small island. Lügen haben spitze Zähne - Fantasy-Kurzgeschichte zur Glas-Trilogie The characters are extremely complex and the plotline strikes home for more people than they may care to admit. Loved everything from the setting of an East Coast island complete with lighthouse and witch-lore, to the food.

She was known as Helen Remington.After being on the run for awhile, she feels drawn to Three Sisters Island so she settles down to start her new life. Their story is one that makes me smile while reading it.Welcome to the introductory read of the series - Three Sisters Island. Estremecer (Vagabundos de la Noche, #2) She did everything in her power to leave her husband and make a new life of her own. What more could you want.