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This broad spectrum resulted in all sorts of mismatched patients being cooped up together, all with disastrous consequences.In fact, a doctor who was associated with surgery department, was murdered in one of the rooms in the hospital.There was an incident of murder in the hospital during the 1980s.
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12 Real Haunted Hospitals More Terrifying Than American

Instead of names, these gravestones display numbers, a practice which has resulted in a mass of unknown and unrecorded graves.Patients became haggard and ghostly, often left in complete isolation for days on end. Moreover, during the 1970s, there was an epidemic which resulted in the death of lots of patients.The main building became the East Leeds war hospital, and even played host to King George V who came to visit injured soldiers. Wahrheit gegen Wahrheit In January 1979, her body was discovered by a maintenance worker. By 1966 the hospital had most of the facilities needed for a normal hospital due to the fact that buildings such as a maternity ward, operating theatres and a neuropsychiatric ward had been built and opened as well as a few others.After it closed, ByBerry Mental Hospital became inundated with vagrants, gangs, thieves, satanic cults and former visitors seeking shelter.

Later that day the exact same thing happened in the same place to a second nurse.ByBerry Mental Hospital first opened its doors to the public in 1907, when it started off as a working farm for the mentally ill before it became a fully-fledged mental hospital in the 1920s. The building is also said to have a resident Grey Lady.Despite this haunted insane asylum being torn down and reconstructed as a different property, bizarre activity, and paranormal sightings still abound. Game of Destiny / Love-Vegas-Saga Bd.3 Gregor Hills Haunted Hospital is a 2D Top Down survival horror game based on the story of one of the most Haunted hospitals located in Gregor Hills. Staff and visitors have also reported hearing moaning and guttural cries in the dead of night, could these be the ghostly cries of suffering patients?The terrifying reports surround the story of a nurse who hanged herself by a light bulb wire when she discovered she had become pregnant out of wedlock by the owner of the sanatorium.

Now a museum, the Grade II listed building stands on the site of a workhouse, which once housed the poor and those who could not support themselves in the community.Besides, disembodied voices, and whispers can still be heard to this day especially during the evening and midnight hours. As well as sightings, whispers of forgotten patients have also been reported, on top of unusual smells, the sound of squeaking gurneys and screams coming from the electroshock room.George, a Paranormal Investigator, arrived at the most haunted hospital of Gregor Hills. Elemental Moon (The Eldritch Files, #3) One of the strangest occurrences took place in 2007 when the Rolling Hills Case Manager, Suzie Yencer, was working on a public ghost hunt. The building was opened in 1908 as a state school for the physically and mentally disabled and covered 120 acres, housing more than 10,000 patients at any given time.This is creepy enough on its own but gets even more alarming when you find out that the Utah Ghost Organisation claims these words come from the ghost of a child who was accidentally shot by his father!