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The JESD204B high speed serial interface reduces board routing requirements and lowers pin count requirements for the receiving device.Flexible power-down options allow significant power savings, when desired.
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Im Zweifelsfall wenden Sie sich an Ihren Arzt.However, if data is sent through one lane, a sampling rate of up to 125 MSPS is supported. A duty cycle stabilizer is provided to compensate for variations in the ADC clock duty cycle, allowing the converters to maintain excellent performance.Tropfen Sie das Arzneimittel auf die Kopfhaut auf. Zoes Rescue Zoo: The Messy Meerkat The ADC cores feature a multistage, differential pipelined architecture with integrated output error correction logic.Programmable overrange level detection is supported for each channel via the dedicated fast detect pins. The ADC cores feature wide bandwidth inputs supporting a variety of user-selectable input ranges.