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Smart Women Finish Rich, Expanded and Updated

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Whether you are just getting started in your investment life, looking to manage your money yourself, or work closely with a financial advisor, this book is your proven roadmap to the life you want and deserve.The first chapters help you explore why you earn what you do, what you do with it, and then direct you into different courses of action based on your ultimate life and financial goals.
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Smart Women Finish Rich: Expanded and Updated - video

Smart Women Finish Rich, Expanded and Updated (Paperback

I believe there is a work book you can purchase to go along with this (I read the Kindle edition) but I kept a notebook by my side while reading and ended up taking three full pages of notes. For contrast, today I bought shares of an index fund that tracks the MSCI real estate investment trust index, and I did it with confidence and as much knowledge as I wanted. The Snake Pit Whereas I believe the premise is great (ensuring women take charge of their finances, etc), I found much of this book to be condescending. Bach takes out the intimidating jargon and speaks candidly to women about what we care about: how to earn financial freedom and live the life we choose.