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The City of Splendors

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Oh, and all of these people take advice from random people they have just met.I have always thought that as great and as mysterious the city of Waterdeep is always referenced in many of the other FR novels, we never hear about the guts of Waterdeep.
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The wealthiest of the wards, Sea Ward contains many of the temples of Waterdeep, along with a good helping of the newer noble families and retired adventurers who can afford the odd villa or two.I was almost going to put it down after it seemed like the story was going to revolve around a group of shallow, noble pansies. Luckily, thankfully, blessedly I found my way back to the lands of elves and dragons, halflings and kobolds.Waterdeep features what is believed to be the largest port in Faerun and is located on three well paved and well patrolled trade roads. Traum im Polarnebel I purchased that trilogy and the "City of Splendors" all at the same time, so on principle alone, I started to read it.I came back to join the noble Gemcloaks and the cunning Dyre sisters in an adventure that sparked my imagin I read this book the first time a decade ago and it made such an impression on me that Waterdeep was ever on my mind even when I thought to move on and leave the Forgotten Realms and all of high fantasy behind. This novel is set in the most important city of the Forgotten Realms setting: Waterdeep, city of intrigue and secrets.