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Rot ist mein Name

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One of the four makers of book is found murdered at the pit of well with cause of murder and murderer unknown, following another murder of the in charge of the whole work Enishte Effendi by the hands of same murderer in same manner, and a good 500 pages wrap the further happenings.When the This is a perfect novel, I realised, quite a few years after I finished it.
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The Frankish method celebrates the individuation of the artist--it prizes the signature of the artist as much as the commissioner of the image. Wider Erwarten erholt Kara sich.Obviously, it is an important work. Family And Other Catastrophes Pamuk can hardly resist the joke--this is a novel about art in which not a single image appears, except the map at the beginning and the ones we create in our minds as we imagine the images described.Orhan Pamuk hat einen Gegenwartsroman aus dem 16. Set in the 16th century, we are transported into an Istanbul of the Ottoman empire with a murder mystery told in the voices of the characters (and sometimes these are drawings in the books or just concepts) that inhabit the story.For whatever reason I find the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires fascinating.