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Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched

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191 pages
I did feel Clem was a little on the flighty side and I do like them to be more of a stand on your feet kind o Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched by author Kim Barnouin fun yet classy read.The girl has gained my utmost respect and support since the very first page of the first novel.
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Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched: A Novel: Barnouin, Kim

Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched: A Novel: Amazon.de: Kim

Incredible emotional roller coaster ride , so much so you do wonder if her and Zach will survive, I am lucky to have finished the book with some nails still left on my hands! What troubles Clem is how distant Zach has become.I look forward to reading some of the vegan cookbooks I missed along the way! Der falsche Inder Did I always listen to his occasionally veering-on-know-it-all advice?Not an asshole for good reason, or for humor. Clementine Cooper is in Love with Zach Jefferies, hot CEO , multimillionaire , owner of a steakhouse and huge Carnivore, go figure a vegan falling for a carnivore, but is great he eats Clemantines vegan most of the time they are together and is extremely supportive of Clementine.Now Skinny Bitch coauthor Kim Barnouin is back with a book that makes making the right vegan choice easy.