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Boondocks Fantasy

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Grey DeLisle voiced the African American girls and Mona Marshall voiced the blonde Caucasian girl.Of course, no one believes there are really Lake People, and when the number of handmade creatures verges on insanity.
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Boondocks Fantasy by Jean Rabe - Goodreads

Most were tales of county mysteries with otherworldly woo hoo.One story stood out different form the others. How time will the file be downloaded? Nachtblau Featuring original stories by Gene Wolfe, Timothy Zahn, Chris Pierson, Mickey Zucker Re From vampires in the Appalachians and leprechauns in the Smokies to mermaids in the Mississippi and bloodthirsty trolls in an Alabama trailer park the South makes a unique setting for the 20 stories in this anthology of redneck vampires, werewolves, wizards, elves, and other creatures. Cynthia "Cindy" McPhearson is a girl who originally appeared as a recurring (minor) character in the comic strip.We regularly check (this is a fully automatic process) the availability of servers, the links to which we offer you.

Rural Route by Donald J.This varied mix of settings and fantastical creatures makes this anthology a great read for fans of fantasy in a modern setting. I enjoyed most of the stories in this anthology and it was good overall. The Noodle Maker In the TV series, she is best described as a South Central ghetto girl who happens to be white. Many of these authors are not even seasoned writers, they are gaming programers, grandmothers, bird wranglers...The Futon Critic, 7 May 2014.