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Stranger in the Lake

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Yet as a murder happens right in front of their windows, unbeknownst to them...Not only that there are mysterious circumstances surrounding the drowning death of his first wife.
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Stranger in the Lake: Kimberly Belle: 9781094104409

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Who is she and is it a coincidence that this i Charlotte is married to wealthy architect Paul and they live in a gorgeous home overlooking Lake Crosby.She is in her mid 20s and he is in his late 30s. This is one wild ride, and I felt like I was weaving in and out those waves with those twists and turns.The company sells custom house designs for million-dollar properties. Metamorphosis and Other Stories And what else has he lied about? Retrieved 22 August 2018.Retrieved 24 August 2013.

Even worse, I figured out WAY, WAY early how the book was going to end...I had an inkling early about who might be responsible, but it did nothing to diminish my enjoyment of the story. The genre is supposed to be a thriller but personally it felt more of a mystery with a few crumbs of thrill.I loved this authors last book, Dear Wife. The Thirteen Hallows There was action nonstop. If you start to read, it is impossible to put it down.I love her and this story even more now!!

I kept waiting to be captivated, and sadly it never happened.He had been friends with Charlotte before she married Paul. I received a copy from the publisher for a blog tour on NetGalley...Lake Crosby is very rich vs. Als ich mit Hitler Schnapskirschen aß It gave the story a creepy vibe. His clients were privileged, demanding, and entitled.A psychological thriller about murder in a small town where nothing or no one is quite what it seems.