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Places in the Darkness

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These 2 get together to solve the most recent murder or supposed murder.Places in the Darkness focuses on two characters, Nikki and Alice.The sci fi elements of living on the space station (CdC) are grounded and believable.
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Places in the Darkness by Christopher Brookmyre

Places in the Darkness: Brookmyre, Chris: 9780316435260

I think he has some good character development that makes everything that happens very credible.The sex was not graphic, but it was also not heteronormative. There is sex, drugs and violence in the story. Rites of Passage When a mutilated body is found, the investigation falls to two people with conflicting agendas. Why some people like looking up at the sky to see the Earth and why some find that terrifying.

Brookmyre is very technical in his execution of displaying the investigation and it drags it down further than I thought possible.The City in the Sky is a space station, This novel is an excellent combination of the crime and science fiction genres. An interesting combination of styles. Das Reich der Träume / Die Schwarze Armee Bd.1 I began to care about the fate of Nikki Fixx (a seriously fantastic name) and the inhabitants of Ciudad de Cielo. I found myself paging through the book rapidly after its reveal.

In charge of the murder investigation is Nikki "Fix" Freeman, who is not thrilled to have Alice Blake, an uptight government goody-two-shoes, riding shotgun.Like fellow Scots, James Oswald and the late Iain Banks, he occasionally likes to delve into the realm of science fiction. The scifi isnt too complicated but detailed enough to be more than your typical space opera fluffy scifi type novel. La biblioteca di sabbia Produktbeschreibung SHORTLISTED FOR THE MCILVANNEY PRIZE FOR CRIME WRITING 2018 As the death toll climbs and factions aboard the station become more and more fractious, Freeman and Blake will discover clues to a conspiracy that threatens not only their own lives, but the future of humanity itself. A thought provoking, gripping and tense sci-fi thriller from a wonderful storyteller which I recommend highly.