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The Vatican Princess

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But what came later, with the marriage and particularly the tragic end, genuinely captured me.It presents Lucrezia as a child who loves her father then a confused young wife, then a hurt woman when she finally realizes that she is being used.Forget Machiavelli, the only person who should write about them is a damn good therapist.
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The Vatican Princess by C. W. Gortner: 9780345533999

The Vatican Princess: A Novel of Lucrezia Borgia by C. W

She is the bastard daughter of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia.I avoided her slap, instinctually bending over my beloved cat, Arancino, who hissed and flattened his ears, his slitted eyes displaying the contempt I felt. Overall, this book is a coming-of-age tale. The Night Tiger It resembled an overgrown mushroom. Ladies and gentlemen, this book has substance.

She is quite young when the book opens so we get to see a lot of her li 4.Adriana had overseen my upbringing, which included lessons at the Convent of San Sisto. It is about a woman who is searching for happiness. Wiederkehr der Vergangenheit / Belgravia Bd.10 There was no depth to her story. Gortner does it again!

His books have always been a NEED rather than a WANT for me.I have read novels about the Borgia family before, most recently "Blood and Beauty" by Sarah Dunnant and "The Lion and the Rose" by Kate Quinn. Not just Lucrezia but also her brothers Cesare and Juan were very well-written complex characters that truly felt like living, breathing people and not just two-dimensional figures from long ago. Brocks Betrayal (Mountain Man Series, #9) With the ascension of the Spaniard Rodrigo Borgia as Pope Alexander VI, a new era has dawned in Rome. So when I discovered that one of my favorite authors (C.