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One Day in December

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This piece was written for the KCRW music documentary podcast Lost Notes.Dwayne Schneider, the building superintendent, provides usually unwanted advice to the tenants, especially Ann.Neat premise, the author picked a day at random, December 28,1986, then researched a wide variety of events that happened on that day.
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This is an extremely engaging story about a love-at-first-sight scenario, set during the Christmas holidays (nine Christmases actually), but it can definitely be read any time of the year.She sees a man through the bus window. Like all burgeoning scenes do, there was a rapid shift in tone, in style, in audience.It absolutely charmed me. Die Somnambule oder Des Staatskanzlers Tod Vernon McGee, American pastor and theologian (b. She almost exclusively only mentioned her dead sister when she was alone with Jack to get him to feel sorry for her and cuddle her and kiss her, etc.