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The End of Eddy

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It was almost as though, in order to make a legitimate literature, you had to exclude people from this very working class.He wants to be like all the others, his dream is to just not be this effeminate kid, not be a freak, and the whole book is this attempt to be like the others.
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We must put that idea of life and death back in the centre of politics. Like the lives of the working class, their voices were excluded from most literature, too.You exist through your body and you exist through discourse - through speeches, because the newspaper talks about you, because literature talks about you. The Christmas Mystery Even many of the smaller details in the two books rhyme, no doubt because the distinguishing features of poverty do not vary all that much from place to place. There is no recoil from the facts, but no sentiment either.In a house without doors, Eddy recalls that almost every room had a TV, the media perhaps the opioid of choice.