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Next up is The Long Walk, which is actually my favorite book.So reading The Bachman Books ( with all the language and sex), when I was around fifteen was truly shocking.
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Sure, he threatens it, but mostly he just wants to teach them a lesson of sorts. The first half started out very strong. Homer - Ilias - Odyssee - Die Geburtsstunde der Weltliteratur For example, "Treadmill to Bucks" where the contestants all have heart or respiratory problems. It fits that mode of quick action-no thinking that his movies have in common.

Thinner is not one of my favourites, but it gets a lot of love, so that might just be personal preference. The Running Man again does what it says on the tin. Bad Moon Rising Better than (and WAY different from) than the movie The Long Walk finalizes the first four Bachman books for me. The Bachman Books is a collection of the first four novels written by Stephen King under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman.