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I Will Bear Witness, Volume 2

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Klemperer precisely and heroically relates what amounts to some of that exposed raw data, from a perspective that is tragically and wildly underrepresented--that of a German civilian Jew, alive and in Germany throughout the war, but in at least occasional contact with others: Jew, gentile and monstrosity.Although the day after his arrest he wrote to his brother Georg asking for assistance in leaving Germany, in the end he did not do so.In the diary, the much-feared Gestapo is seen carrying out daily, humiliating, and brutal house searches, delivering beatings, hurling insults, and robbing inhabitants of coveted foodstuffs and other household items.
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I Will Bear Witness, Volume 2: A Diary of the Nazi Years

I Will Bear Witness, Volume 2: A Diary of the Nazi Years

I observe, I note, the mosquito bites.American-Jewish committees support only observant Jews. Yet there is great humanity evidenced here, both within the Jewish community and without it.This disagreement should not be allowed to become an obstacle to an understanding of the clear meaning of his diaries. Im Land der Männer Victor Klemperer had entered it with dreams of future independence.It was in Geneva that he discovered Voltaire as a writer and found his own spirit of tolerant skepticism confirmed. Throughout, Klemperer kept a diary, for a Jew in Nazi Germany a daring act in itself.

For certain, nothingness--en tant que individual consciousness, and there is the true nothingness--is altogether probable, and anything else highly improbable.Only because of his "Aryan" German wife were the couple able to procure food enough to subsist. Felix and Berthold Klemperer were also successful, the former as a doctor, the latter as a lawyer.If the "Aryan" spouse died or divorced them, they would immediately be placed on the deportation list. The Frozen Sea House of Anansi Press pp.On one occasion, when Klemperer was on a tram-platform (where he was permitted to stand), the tramdriver addressed him in a sympathetic fashion saying: "What a relief to see your yellow star. Klemperer is a complex person, like most human beings, like you and me.