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In the Days of the Comet

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Everyone understands each other.But the materials they were made from should NOT be burned.There was nothing in the mind of the world anywhere but half-truths, hasty assumptions, hallucinations, and emotions.
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It begins with someone standing in a tower, watching an old man writing. What fools we were!It is the part of those who like myself have stories of that time as well, to supply, by a scrupulous spiritual realism, some antidote to that glamour. Morlands Horror-Kabinett: Vier Gruselromane Wells, In the Days of the Comet, Book II, Chapter 3, Sections 2 and 3.Yes, continue to do whatever work remains necessary. Were there no storms at all during that year?In both, it is not the future that is the dystopia, but rather a present day.