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Javelin Rain

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There were times my heart pounded for the both of them.People are aware of it in the sense that they are aware of icebergs.
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Javelin Rain (Reawakening Trilogy #2) by Myke Cole

In a military book filled with white dudes, he is one of the main antagonists.So will the image of Jim being held together with duct tape fighting a mercenary whilst missing one arm. Now, his escape from the government who raised him from the dead has been coded "Javelin Rain.Notice the dominance of the spearmen in the front line of the formation. Das M├Ątressenspiel Cole adheres to these points fairly solidly, but Javelin Rain gets a bogged down in its own elements.The tactic was usually employed against heavy infantry. Dadou Alva, another magic-wielder from Port-au-Prince working for another top secret cell, is an interesting addition.